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Jan 18 12 11:05 AM

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**Tha Realest - The Party's just gettin started DVD**
The party's just gettin started (part 1)
this one is better then part 2! Enjoy


behind the scenes


**Tha Realest - The Party Continues DVD**
"The party continues" is a porn dvd brought by Tha Realest back in 2004!

Someone else send it 2 me, i didnt rip this dvd i'm just bringing it 2 u..


**Tha Realest Uncut & Uncensored**
The DVD features never before seen footage of Tha Realest. Tha Realest breaks down each song on his album the way it was originally recorded. Many of songs he speaks on never made the final album.

this dvd was put out by moblife without tha realest permission
fuck moblife records (credit: Correa)

Part 1

Part 2

Tha Realest in Slumber Party 2005 (credit: Correa)

for those who never seen it you can catch tha realest in this c rated movie

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#3 [url]

May 17 12 12:58 PM

Re: DVDs

Will sum1 pleaze update the linkz in this thread

4 My NIGGA Makaveli,
We still ridin; up in this mufuka,
Death Row Westside,
Can u niggaz c me??
Tha Realest, A.K.A Tenkamenin The Vigilante,
The world don't understand me...
The rebirth

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#4 [url]

May 18 12 8:26 AM

Re: DVDs

im sorry but i aint gonna rip it again.. i ripped it several times and posted it, im sure some people on here still have it on there computer so maybe they can post it + perhaps u should name a good uploadserver

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#5 [url]

Aug 14 12 2:57 PM

Re: DVDs

you never ripped it in the first place
neither did correa

i uploaded this shit
u even copy/pasted my text.

i see u were from netherlands
why u didnt meet realest when he was in amsterdam, like i did?
where in breda u r from? haagse beemden ftw.

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#6 [url]

Aug 14 12 5:28 PM

Re: DVDs

i got this dvd (part 1) myself and i ripped that one and posted it.. part 2 and uncut uncensored were posted by correa, he might have it from you but i dont know that..
i do remember you were beggin me for DR dayz years ago lol
Haagse Beemden? i got family overthere and i know peoples there.. im from brabantpark

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