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Sep 3 12 11:18 AM

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dave begging me to unban him suddenly in a private message.......... dunno why he felt like messaging me out of a sudden , maybe he realzied all his videos were down lol

Here is that private message:

sup jossy lets make peace i dont wanna beef wit u no more, tha realest is a nice rapp

naw i mean he was sayin he gonna keep postin videos of mine writtin dumb shit, is not dat i wanna stop cause he warning me, i could just report to youtube copyright shit, i just dont wanna start beefin over this shit no more, yea i had my fun dissin folks dat liked tha realest etc, but i just told him i aint gonna diss tha realest or make diss videos or diss his fans, just cause this shit is child shit.

if yall like whoeva is ur choice, who am in to judge, i mean i really dont care if he made videos about me, my point to him is dat i dont wanna beef back n forth for net shit,

i know we dissed eachother over this realest shit blah blah some is was just jokes some serious, but i did hate tha realest, i did think he was bitin pac alot so i dissed him hard and shit and his fans but after all dat hate for him bitin pac, i just got tired of it and grew up i guess and also i did learn to like some of da realest songs fo real no jokes.

he does got dope songs specially his beats im not sayin he 1 of my favorites eva, but i like some of his songs as time passes by, murder 187 etc but i guess he cool now he not bitin pac as much as he was on death row but who am i to judge, if u like 2pac, u will try to imitate ur idol sometimes, like u do tha realest lol jk.

i remember i would go to tha realest forums and just diss n diss yall, i mean i dont like li lwayne but u know how guys sayin, wayne sucks he is gay music, but i guess dats just hate if a person constantly disses him, i mean he aint do nothin personal to me, if i dont like his shit just ignore it.

yea i made videos about him dissin him or kasinova and i did my tribute videos jsut fuckin around or jokes and i did a page postin his songs cause i saw no1 had those songs on youtube and i did not hated tha realest no more, if he did jock pac b4 ok dats in the past and who are we to judge, i just tired of beefin or trolling like ur homie said i explained him ova skype, we made peace and we chatted a bit and had our laughs, i guess i did not realized i went too far wit this jokes n i guess some guys annoyed by me or tired of repeatin myself, i aint wit this shit no more, tha realest is a good guy it seems, he loves pac n music dats it & i wont diss yall or him no mo, or mock yall or him we aint gotta be best pals just sayin i aint beefin or dissin yall, i know i got blocked over tha realest site, mayb u can tell the admin there i wont diss no more, i do like some of tah realest songs n dat site, but if they dont believe me or want me banned there no problem but just so they know dat i was wrong for fuckin wit them so much aight dog see ya later
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Sep 3 12 3:48 PM

Re: funny shit about dave

lol, why make the vids in the first place! We all know that Dave was actually a fan in disguise. Who else is gonna put in that effort to make videos of him with his music playing and then a bunch of pictures comparing him to Pac. That's a lot of work right there if you hate somebody

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