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May 28 13 9:42 PM

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UnderGround Gangsta ft. Tha Realest - Any Way We Can
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#1 [url]

May 30 13 4:35 AM

Re: **NEW SHIT** Any Way We Can

hmm $2 for a song made by 2 nobody's doing music for about 20 years no thank you

UGG Street Religion and Tha Realest Remember my name in 2013 Oak Cliff up to no good, West Side, Next Generation Thug Life baby....

give me a fucking break

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Jun 15 13 11:07 PM

Re: **NEW SHIT** Any Way We Can

just get it for free with spotify
interesting about this song is that the other dude is saying: " Remember my name coming soon , for real man, check it out. Tha Realest" in the outro

Realest verse is not bad on this song.

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#3 [url]

Oct 10 13 12:48 PM

Re: **NEW SHIT** Any Way We Can

Jossy, you in the right on this one, correa though, you been sounding like a hater for a while nd callin my people 2 nobodies?;
Shit in this day and age of hip hop I rather be a underground nobody, fuck this mainstream shit. And this NGTL shit is real too, we got the blessing from the OG'z to rep that shit... as y'all notice I don't go on here that much no more, and the reason why is this negativity! I been talking with y'all for years and y'all some good dudes, but hating like that is wack, I'm just keeping it 100 with y'all. You don't need to reply to this neither because I probably won't see it. I just came across this thread because of the homie posted a link to it.

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#4 [url]

Oct 10 13 9:53 PM

Re: **NEW SHIT** Any Way We Can

don't worry about it
correa is like our friend Dave (if you remember him - if he's not the same person...)

a closet tha realest fan that is ashamed for it and therefore disses him --- but
at the same time... checks every new post of tha realest obsessively with a wicked passion

like tha realest said: "you haters keep hating me cuz y'all are spreading the word like we fucking or something."

if you're a closet-fat about tha realest it really makes me wonder what else you are hiding in that closet... i bet you jerk off to tha realest pictures in secret too?

By the way, this is Dave (a similar guy to correa if they are not one and the same)

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